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Organizations Education / Church Government/Politics
Botswana Bow Hunting Supplies & Custom Arrows Aabsolute, Inc.
Home Inspections
Duggan's Canoes American Legion
Post 404
Jackpine Conference Clare County Democratic Party
  Another Limit Fishing Charters Fallen Prayer, a Novel Clare Area Jr. Golf Association St. Paul Lutheran Church
Of Sanford
Franklin Twp.
  Clare County Law   Crooked Lk. Improvement Association   Freeman Twp.
  Clark's Tractor Restoration   Friends of Clare Co. Parks & Recreation   Frost Twp.
  KD Quikstop of Harrison   Hammond Bay Area Anglers Association   Garfield Twp.
  Martin Heating & Cooling   L.G.P.O.A.   Gilmore Twp.
  Red's Repair Service   White Birch Lk. Recreation Assoc.   Harrison D.D.A.
  Surrey Veterinarian Clinic       Hatton Twp.
  T & C RV Sales and Service       Jerome Twp.
          Lincoln Twp.   

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  This Web Site was Created 8/5/98 and was last updated 02/14/18
  Besides Website Design this site also offers information on Cordwood Construction,
Solar Energy, and Corn Burning Furnaces.
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This web site was created by Sheryl Judd, a retired teacher of 30 years experience with the public schools system in Michigan. She has a Masters in Sports Fitness Management from the United States Sports Academy in Daphne, Alabama and a B.S. in Education from Central Michigan University at Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. She taught Physical Education since 1971, History of Western Civilization since 1972 and World Geography since 1989 and retired in 2001.


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Here's a picture of the REAL Sheryl Judd living inside:

The 7-Year Old in this photo still motivates me to this day, and now that I am retired from teaching I am finding this child inside me again!

People have been asking me what I am doing in retirement. Well, here is the "short" list:

Reading, gardening, cross country skiing, golfing, racquetball, Tai Chi, seeking enlightenment, enjoying my natural sleep pattern, learning to procrastinate, working as the Web Page Manager for many clients (see the listings at the top of this page)--the list is constantly growing!  I'm also enjoying staying up late to watch movies & football on TV, participating in the Michigan Senior Olympics, and tending our homestead. Then more Reading...